Admission Process

Students on the Rolls of the institution

This Section shall include the following information about the students on the Rolls of the institution

  1. Registration of a child's name is not a guarantee at all for his/her admission to this school.

  2. An attested copy of most recent results available from the present / last school if any should be submitted along with registration form duly completed.

  3. Original progress report / result sheets / school certificate etc may be requested for inspection in case of necessity , but such original progress / reports / sheets / certificates etc. are not to be deposited along with the registration forms. copies of reports, certificates etc. submitted, are not returnable.

  4. Entrance tests of the candidates may be conducted depending on vacancies available. Registration to any higher class depends upon the availability of seats and they are expected to be very few.

  5. The principal reserves the right to test any candidate. the selection of candidates cannot be done until our promotion lists have been finalized.

  6. The selection of the candidate will be done at the discretion of the principal alone and Parents / Guardians of the candidate or their relations or others will not have any right to question the procedure of the selection of students to any class.

  7. Those students join the school at any time of a current academic year, will have to pay the complete fees of that year if they join late. The academic year is from April to March.

  8. For selection and admission of any candidate, no request / recommendation will be accepted. in all matters the principal's decision is final.